Monday, 3 September 2012

my poems

My Poems
Vera Brierley nee Powell


Christmas has gone and summer lies ahead

Forget the cold weather, think of sunshine instead

To prepare for holidays seems early days yet,

No harm in looking for places to let


The holiday brochures make a colourful splash

So study them careful before you send the cash

It’s pleasant to do this on a cold winter’s day

A start to a holiday in a pleasant sort of way


The winter seems dreary when will it end

Look forward to sunshine and money to spend

The anticipation is quite a nice part

To eagerly wait for the holiday to start


Sometime later the venue is found

And the whole operation gets up of the ground

All that is needed without going rash

Is to work out a budget that leaves enough cash


After all that is said and done

It’s great to have a break in the sun

To forget the worry and care

And to be refreshed for another year

The Road Sweeper
He wields his broom in a professional way
And sweeps the road clean as he does each day
And as he sweeps from side to side
He looks on his work with so much pride
He has become a part of the scene
And the place looks better when it’s clean
He has a good name oh high repute
The humble man in his orange suit
His job to some people only merit low grade
But merit is of man and not the wage paid
To work to the full at his own steady pace
And leave everything looking a much better place
The work of the seasons he also achieves
The snow in the winter in autumn the leaves
These questions and others the climate may ask
Are answered as always as he does his task
The work the man does and the status it gives
Are not so important as the way he lives
To do the job properly and always is fair
A man will be known for his pride every where

The paper boy
They pedal their bikes on the frosty road
With the papers in a bag it’s their daily load
Early each morning it’s the same old rounds
To earn each week a couple of pounds
Whatever the weather they rarely fail
To deliver the papers with the morning mail
And people at breakfast digesting their toast
Can read the newspaper as well as their post


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