Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The Poppet Village

This is the story of some knitted Dolls

There was a lot of Poppet Dolls being born one after the other and now it was time for them to go to school which they did not like very much the word School .
The poppets used to meet every dayon the village green ready for playing you could hear there mums shouting now you dont go and do any thing you should not do do you hear me , Yes mumbled one of them and ran off to play with one of his friends .

                                                              This is John

Hi John a poppet said she was a pretty little thing John said hello and what is your name I am called Rosie cor you are alright are you booked in for a school he asked Rosie said yes but dont want to go they say the teacher is not very nice Oh not heard that one John said and carried on playing with his car brum brum he was saying and pushing it back and forth , Which school are you booked into then some thing called The Paradise school oh he laughed I am going to that one as well he said have you got your bag and pencils as well my mum is getting mine today .

The other Poppets started to shout to them are you coming we going to the stream there are some ducks down there Little rosie said but my mum said I had not to move from her sight Oh come n John said and held her hand I will look after you dont be frightened and stop crying your wool face will get all wet

Off they ran and met up with the other Poppets who were shouting at the poor ducks they played for a long time and then heard there mums shouting for them to come along as there dinner was ready John still had hold of Rosies hand are you ok he asked yes I like you john they walked hand in hand back to the village which number house do you live at John asked but she let go of his hand and ran
Wait please wait Rosie I dont know where you live , she had gone He was about to walk home and caught sight of Toby and Charlie having a kick around with a football Hey Toby do you know where rosie lives dont know mate he replied Charlie said oh round the corner in the big house, cor thanks mate John replied he was just going to go round the corner and his mum shouted him Now listen to me John if you dont get in this house now there is going to be trouble , Ok I am coming .
all that day all he had was Rosie on his mind he liked her a lot and hoped she would be at his school .

The school day arrived and John was not at all pleased his mum had put him his nice best cardigan on as she had not finished his hoodie I will try and get it done dear so stop crying big boys dont cry here she passed him a hankie and told him to wipe his nose come on now lets go he pulled away dont want to go and started to cry again , She got him to the door his eyes lit up there was rosie with her mum
Hi Rosie and he ran to meet up with her he got hold of her hand and they all walked on to school .


When they arrived at the school gates there was Toby and Mary ann his sister stood there looking all smart with there satchels over there shoulder Like your bag Rosie said to Mary ann yes my mummy made it for me and Toby has one as well where is yours she asked Rosie not got one of those she replied Mummy I want a bag she said pulling at her mummys coat Ok rosie I will make you one if thats what you want little rosie smiled , John shouted Hi Charlie you ready for school , no I am not he said you could see he had been crying but I brought my little friend along they call her Bellie Mary ann said well she is a bear not a Poppet well she gets lonly at home in the toy box she wants to go to school with me well she is not sitting with me charlie .
Bellie could hear all this and a few tears dropped down her cheek he is a bad boy for saying that she thought

There was a a lot of new Poppets starting school they all lined up in front of the door waiting for the teacher Miss Marigold to come out of the door mind you the school bell had not been rung the poppets some was crying and some was just not concerned about it all you could hear a small poppet singing in the background singing I am a little teapot and doing all he hand movements she could Barry shouted Molly wish you would stop singing that silly song he was getting quite anoyed at her I want to and carried on singing .
The door opened and a lady teacher who was called Miss Marigold came out with a large bell in her hand she rang the bell twice John said what a loud noise that is Rosie grabbed his hand and was shivering I dont like it John Oh dont be a baby said Barry its ok , Miss Marigold called all line up you Poppets in a nice straight line I will walk down the line and ask you your name poor poppets they all look terrified The teacher started to walk down the line the first to start was Alice miss / Barry Billy Lou Lou lucy molly Nathan John Paula Stephanie and a little voice said Bellie the teacher looked around but could not see any other Poppet she would not as Bellie was hiding in one of the poppets pocket , the teacher carried on walking back to the door we must have some Poppets missing come along you lot into the class room its time to start school now they all looked and followed the teacher , They walked up the long corridor and came to a room The teacher said this is your class room and every day this is where you come to now all take a seat .

The Poppets all ran to get which seat they wanted there was a bit of fighting going on all ready john wanted to sit with Rosie but Billy had sat next to her and Barry wanted to sit with his sister to look after her what a mess it all was silence children now please sit down on any seat and Molly will you stop singing that song I am a little teapot its driving me mad she said

What a busy and noisy day it had been at the new day at the school It was nearly time for the Poppets to finish there first day at school The teacher stood up and said Now you little Poppets I dont want all this noise tomorrow when you arrive in schoo land sit in the same seats as you are sat in now have you heard Toby said Oh do we have to come again tomorrow , yes you do I dont want I dont like school Rosie was crying and said she wanted her mummy The teacher said come along now all follow me your Mummys will be outside waiting for you they all stood up and followed her they got to the front door and the screams that came from the Poppets mouths Mummy Mummy they all ran to them , Johns mum said has it been good my dear no did not like he replied and teacher says we have to go back again tomorrow her name is Miss Marigold yes thats right she said but why well thats what you do when you are growing up , oh blast He said I dont like this growing up bit she laughed .

All the Poppets were shouting to one another see you charlie see you Toby bye Rosie see you after tea Rosie said oh where are we playing will meet at the swings ok John replied ok and off they all went holding there mums hands

John arrived home and ran into the house , Come on John change into your playing out things and when you have had your tea you can go and play a little with your friends but you hear me you dont go out of my sie as it gets dark soon , Ok mum he said He sat down at the table with his little car in his hand and started to brum brum with it back and forth on the table he lifted his head Do you know mum I dont like going to school he said but but you have to do so no more nonsence John the sooner you eat your tea the quicker you can go play , You havent told me what you have done today not a lot he said I wanted to sit with rosie but could not run fast enough to get the seat she laugh , Well maybe tomorrow you may get the seat you like rosie dont you yes mum she is so little and she holds my hand he said oh ok mum said to him .
Pictures of some of the Poppet dolls
Can I go out now mum and play yes the mother said and remember what has been said play round the house ok and he ran outside .

Skip Skip brum brum he still had his car in his hand he ran to the gate and looked right then left no one around yet so he started to swing on the gate then he heard a hello who are you he looked and there was another Poppet stood there well my name is John I live here in this house and I go to school now its up the road Its called The Paradise School do you go to school yet he ask no I have just been made so I am not enrolled yet well I dont think so My name is Danny

Sunday, 3 March 2013


The Days was very long and Darcy was so miserable in a new Country as he had been left there all alone he was so  fed up with himself he would sit and cry and wished he had never jumped into the suitcase .

Monday, 3 September 2012

my poems

My Poems
Vera Brierley nee Powell


Christmas has gone and summer lies ahead

Forget the cold weather, think of sunshine instead

To prepare for holidays seems early days yet,

No harm in looking for places to let


The holiday brochures make a colourful splash

So study them careful before you send the cash

It’s pleasant to do this on a cold winter’s day

A start to a holiday in a pleasant sort of way


The winter seems dreary when will it end

Look forward to sunshine and money to spend

The anticipation is quite a nice part

To eagerly wait for the holiday to start


Sometime later the venue is found

And the whole operation gets up of the ground

All that is needed without going rash

Is to work out a budget that leaves enough cash


After all that is said and done

It’s great to have a break in the sun

To forget the worry and care

And to be refreshed for another year

The Road Sweeper
He wields his broom in a professional way
And sweeps the road clean as he does each day
And as he sweeps from side to side
He looks on his work with so much pride
He has become a part of the scene
And the place looks better when it’s clean
He has a good name oh high repute
The humble man in his orange suit
His job to some people only merit low grade
But merit is of man and not the wage paid
To work to the full at his own steady pace
And leave everything looking a much better place
The work of the seasons he also achieves
The snow in the winter in autumn the leaves
These questions and others the climate may ask
Are answered as always as he does his task
The work the man does and the status it gives
Are not so important as the way he lives
To do the job properly and always is fair
A man will be known for his pride every where

The paper boy
They pedal their bikes on the frosty road
With the papers in a bag it’s their daily load
Early each morning it’s the same old rounds
To earn each week a couple of pounds
Whatever the weather they rarely fail
To deliver the papers with the morning mail
And people at breakfast digesting their toast
Can read the newspaper as well as their post